Culture Over Process with Henrik Kniberg

I recently saw on my Twitter feed that Henrik Kniberg (@ henrikkniberg) held a talk on Agile66 Community Events Talk LaunchPad, Bangkok in Thailand. Since I have recommended this to many friends and colleagues, I thought I share it here as well. I never thought that the agile operating culture was as important as he describes… Read More »

Mock the Clock with an Aspect

Recently I have had problems with unit-tests that are time dependent. There are tests that test for time-out and similar time related issues. I felt that this mus be solvable by mocking the system clock. But I had problems doing it because I don’t want to change the whole implementation. The best is if it… Read More »

Revisiting dependency management with Maven

A time ago, I wrote about dependency management with maven and about the problem with compile time dependencies. This problem can be solved fairly simple after reading a new comment of the MNG-2589 that states that if we declare all dependencies in the dependency management part as runtime they will default to runtime when they… Read More »

FizzBuzz kata with Akka

I recently was on a seminar about Akka with @DanielSawano and @DanielDeogun. They told us about how it works and there lessons learned when using it in a real business case (you can hear about it at Jfocus 3-5 February 2014 in Stockholm). So I thought let’s test it with a simple kata. So I… Read More »

Estimation, User Stories and Patterns

Currently I’m reading, in my opinion, one of the best books of today. Specification by example by Gojko Adzic (@gojkoadzic). He is referring to User Stories applied by Mike Cohn. So I went on-line to get it. As usual I found some other books that seem interesting so I ended up ordering these three books:… Read More »

TDD with Jasmine

Today I was asked if I could make the definition files that we must send to the Swedish tax agency. This files have a specific format that we can get our description on from there website. I though this was a perfect situation to test TDD with JavaScript using Jasmine.

Pomodoro your time

Have you ever felt that the time is flying by and you got nothing done? I have that problem time to time both at work and at home.

Goodbye Hello World

It’s time to say goodbye to the old standard hello world program. Not because it don’t work, but because it is the wrong approach. I think it’s time to welcome Hello Test instead.