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Agile development and principles

TDD with Venkat

Time for some education again. This time it’s Test Driven Development with Venkat Subramaniam (@venkat_s) Disclaimer: This is my own notes and my interpretation of things, NOT the teacher’s. I recommend you to take this course if you have the opportunity. Table of Contents Influences of TDD on Agility and Sustainability Circles of feedback Development speed Cost… Read More »

The software craftsmanship manifesto

Did you know that there exists a software craftsmanship manifesto? It’s extends the agile manifesto and a respons to the production line and factory workers attitude that exists in the industry. I have translated the English manifesto to Swedish below. The original can be found at Som ambitiös mjukvaruhantverkare höjer vi ribban för professionell… Read More »

Culture Over Process with Henrik Kniberg

I recently saw on my Twitter feed that Henrik Kniberg (@ henrikkniberg) held a talk on Agile66 Community Events Talk LaunchPad, Bangkok in Thailand. Since I have recommended this to many friends and colleagues, I thought I share it here as well. I never thought that the agile operating culture was as important as he describes… Read More »

Estimation, User Stories and Patterns

Currently I’m reading, in my opinion, one of the best books of today. Specification by example by Gojko Adzic (@gojkoadzic). He is referring to User Stories applied by Mike Cohn. So I went on-line to get it. As usual I found some other books that seem interesting so I ended up ordering these three books:… Read More »

TDD with Jasmine

Today I was asked if I could make the definition files that we must send to the Swedish tax agency. This files have a specific format that we can get our description on from there website. I though this was a perfect situation to test TDD with JavaScript using Jasmine.

Pomodoro your time

Have you ever felt that the time is flying by and you got nothing done? I have that problem time to time both at work and at home.