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TDD with Venkat

Time for some education again. This time it’s Test Driven Development with Venkat Subramaniam (@venkat_s) Disclaimer: This is my own notes and my interpretation of things, NOT the teacher’s. I recommend you to take this course if you have the opportunity. Table of Contents Influences of TDD on Agility and Sustainability Circles of feedback Development speed Cost… Read More »

The software craftsmanship manifesto

Did you know that there exists a software craftsmanship manifesto? It’s extends the agile manifesto and a respons to the production line and factory workers attitude that exists in the industry. I have translated the English manifesto to Swedish below. The original can be found at Som ambitiös mjukvaruhantverkare höjer vi ribban för professionell… Read More »

Know your core framework

I found some legacy code in a project that I’m working on. I felt that I must share this one. I think it is very important to know the core framework you are working with. Especially the one included with the language you are using. In this project, we are currently using Java 7 and… Read More »

FizzBuzz kata with Akka

I recently was on a seminar about Akka with @DanielSawano and @DanielDeogun. They told us about how it works and there lessons learned when using it in a real business case (you can hear about it at Jfocus 3-5 February 2014 in Stockholm). So I thought let’s test it with a simple kata. So I… Read More »

Pomodoro your time

Have you ever felt that the time is flying by and you got nothing done? I have that problem time to time both at work and at home.