DDD Immersion Day 4

By | June 21, 2013

So time again for some education. This time I took the Domain Driven Design Immersion course that is held by Patrik Fredriksson (@weakreference) from Citerus.

I try to make a summery of the course here in my blog on a day to day basis.

Day 4

Last day, today we are going to talk about supple design and look at a reference implementation. We are also going to discuss about documentation and wrapping up with some general discussion.

Supple Design

  • Making implicit rules explicit
  • Extending the ubiquitous language to enable supple design

Brainstorming session
What implicit words can be made explicit?

Explicit rules through richer ubiquitous language

  • Tighter service contract
  • Invariants in objects and aggregates
  • Define stakes for entities and aggregates


What documentation does DDD require/produces.

Context maps can be used to display the current state of the system.

SAD (Software architecture document) can be used to describe the design, techniques and the architecture. A good document to show new persons in the project, but it is still the code that is the truth.

Key use-case

  • Show reference scenarios
  • Flow diagram


Sample DDD application documentation
Sample DDD application code

MongoDB and spring data

DDD Sverige (Google group)

Skills Matter

Disclaimer: This is my notes and my interpretation of the information. I can really recommend going the course.

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